“I have been training at Fine Tune Fitness for 10 years.

I started going to FTF because I had no experience with weight training and wanted a change. Well, FTF changed me and what I knew about fitness. FTF has become a part of my everyday life and I couldn’t have done it without Jerry and his staff.

FTF has been a wonderful and life changing place in my life. The friendly staff and personalized workouts have taught me the importance of maintaining my health. I would highly recommend Jerry and his staff to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their life.

Alisha Reesh

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“I became a client at Fine Tune Fitness a few years ago and then took a break to focus on training for a figure competition.

As soon as I achieved my goal, I couldn’t wait to get back to training with Jerry and his team. Although I have lifted for many years, it became redundant and therefore un-motivating. Alex is a positive motivator that caters to my specific needs and encourages my progress through proper technique and realistic goals. He changes my workouts constantly and pushes me more than I could push myself. He is pleasant, fun and instills confidence in his clients to make them want to work harder. I appreciate my trainer and the well organized and professional staff that Jerry provides, and I recommend Fine Tune Fitness to anyone that is looking to better themselves.

Jennifer Willis

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“I tried it all, bought the books, spent thousands of dollars on equipment.

After many attempts and failures I just gave up and convinced myself that I am old now and that time has passed. One day I was passing a mirror in my hallway and caught a side view of myself. At 185 pounds, I looked so bad. The the next day I luckily ran into Jerry DeJane. I told him the same excuses I was telling myself. He convinced me personal training and technique along with changing the way you eat is the key. I decided to give it one last chance. That decision has changed my life. He coached me on how to change my eating habits, and the work outs were well planned according to my goals. Jerry, Jeff and Alex truly cared and helped encourage me to reach them and not to give up. They kept track of my results from weight, size and body fat which encouraged me to stay focused. The results were unbelievable and I have never felt better. The mirror is now my friend. Thank you Fine Tune Fitness, I am forever grateful.

Bob Goodrich – Youngstown, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“When I started with Fine Tune Fitness in 2013 I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to and what I found was a fitness family.

It all started with boot camp and from there I expanded my horizons to one on one individual training which I now do 4 days a week. Sometimes I bring my 15 year old daughter and on occasion one of my sons will join me for a training session. It’s definitely a family affair and I can tell you that Fine Tune Fitness is a class act gym.  From the facility to all the wonderful, experienced and truly dedicated trainers, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this fitness family. Depending on your specific wants and/or needs, Fine Tune Fitness can make it happen!

Sherri Bova – Struthers, Ohio

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“A year ago, at the age of 59, I decided I needed to get in shape, so I started searching for a place that would work for me.

After checking out several locations, I chose Fine Tune Fitness. I was assigned to Jeff as my trainer. He planned sessions that took into consideration my years of limited exercise, but as I progressed, he set higher goals for me to achieve.

I have only worked with Jeff and Emma, but have found all the trainers friendly, encouraging, and flexible in scheduling workout times. I would recommend Fine Tune Fitness for anyone looking for a training facility.

Debbie Patsko

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“Love the instructors and workouts at Fine Tune so much!

Each night is a different workout, never dull and always a challenge! I’ve seen great results after just a few weeks and here I am almost 6 months later and still can’t get enough! It’s so nice to have a workout that’s a challenge, fun and never boring.. finally!! Thank you fine tune “and trainers”!!

Nicole Kosco – Poland, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“Ten years ago I started working with one of the trainers at Fine Tune Fitness when I desperately needed help with my weight loss efforts.

Through carefully designed strength training programs and moral support, I surpassed my goals and lost 80lbs. Now I am a certified personal trainer at Fine Tune Fitness and am positive we can help you reach your health and fitness goals.”

Cathy Bowman – Columbiana, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“I have been exercising for 15 to 20 years but I was feeling around in the dark most of the time.

I had lost weight on my own in the past but it was a struggle and did not get the results I was looking for until I went to Fine Tune Fitness. Working with the trainers at Fine Tune Fitness was such an eye opener! They helped me lose 30 more pounds and pushed me past that plateau. I’m down five pant sizes and reduced my body fat from 20% to 10%. Fine Tune Fitness trainers have the knowledge and the experience to change workouts and meal plans to fit my needs.”

Ed Moses – New Castle, PA

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“I owe my quality of life to Fine Tune Fitness.

Besides losing 30lbs., I have dropped two sizes and am in much better physical shape. Having a trainer is great. She is concerned and aware of how I’m feeling when I arrive so my work-outs are individually designed, not aggravating any sore joints or muscles while still giving me a good workout. Having an appointment time with my trainer ensures I won’t put off going to the gym. One-on-one training has been ideal for me.”

Laura Spey

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“I have been a client of Fine Tune Fitness for 9 years and I have to say, I am investing in my health.

I am 58 years old and I am on no medications, what a great run and still going…thanks for making me feel good about myself. The trainers at Fine Tune Fitness are true friends!”

Jayne Zajac – Poland, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“My choice to begin training here at Fine Tune Fitness for my health was the best choice I have ever made.

From the very beginning I always felt comfortable and encouraged. As someone who never worked out, my experience has been incredibly empowering and always positive. And the results have been nothing short of amazing.”

Heather Rachburn – Boardman, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“When I started with Fine Tune Fitness last year, I knew I had speed.

But I wasn’t sure how much faster I could get. My first summer I trained with Fine Tune Fitness my 40 yd. time went from 4.7 to 4.59. The second summer going into my Freshman year I went from a 4.65 to a 4.47. I truly believe the Speed & Power Training at Fine Tune Fitness has gotten me ready for my first High School season.”

Dante Romano – Poland High School

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“Our team has trained with Fine Tune Fitness for the past three years.

During that stretch, our ITCL league record is 41-1. We have more power now and definitely have gotten stronger and faster. This is not a coincidence!”

Jim Hanek & Don DeChellis – South Range Baseball Coaches

Fine Tune Fitness Member

“Since I started training at Fine Tune Fitness, I have lost over 50lbs and have maintain the weight loss.

Also, I ran the Cleveland half marathon. And I’d have to say the team of trainers at Fine Tune Fitness has had a major roll in my health and fitness success.”

Don DeChellis – North Lima, OH

Fine Tune Fitness Member

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